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Garden-Based Education Supports Whole Child Learning and Wellness
by Vicki Lowell
on May 10, 2023

At Starlight Elementary School in Watsonville, where every student from TK through 5th grade has the opportunity to work in the garden or kitchen each week, students are learning and thriving by connecting with nature.

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In the SC Sentinel: Postponed Ag Day luncheon celebrates farmers
by Land Trust Santa Cruz
on April 28, 2023

At the 2023 Ag Day luncheon, Sarah Newkirk, Land Trust of Santa Cruz County Executive Director, shared the ways the Land Trust is partnering with the agricultural community.

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Press Release: Land Trust of Santa Cruz County Shares Five-Year Strategic Plan & Launches New Visual Identity and Website
by Land Trust Santa Cruz
on April 7, 2023

With its 2023-2027 Conservation Roadmap, the Land Trust has outlined the key priorities, initiatives, and projects that will define their projects over the next five years as they approach their 50th anniversary. These priorities align with the organization’s vision of a future in which the fantastic diversity of lands that define and connect people to the Santa Cruz County region—the wild and working forests, globally unique wildlife habitats, coastal landscape, and rich farming and ranching heritage—are cared for and preserved far into the future.

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Lookout Op Ed
In Lookout: Climate injustice is happening in Pajaro: It’s our moral obligation to fix the system
by Sarah Newkirk
on March 28, 2023

In this recent article in Lookout, Land Trust of Santa Cruz County Executive Director Sarah Newkirk talks about the need to accelerate our response to climate change, protect communities from its impacts, and fix the systems that led to the displacement of our neighbors in Pajaro.

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With Wet Weather Comes Erosion
by Traci Filous
on March 21, 2023

When erosion induced sedimentation travels downstream it can cause problems—reducing the capacity of rivers, causing pollution by carrying chemical runoff, and decreasing the quality of water by changing the chemical content and reducing oxygen levels. There are several restoration techniques that can be used to control the movement of water over the soil surface.

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In Lookout: UCSC researcher Chris Wilmers on how a new Highway 17 animal crossing protects mountain lions
by Land Trust Santa Cruz
on March 9, 2023

In this article, Chris Wilmers discusses the effects of development on wildlife and the need for more wildlife crossings like the recently completed one at Laurel Curve.

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On NBC Bay Area: Bobcat Spotted Using New Highway 17 Wildlife Crossing
by Land Trust Santa Cruz
on March 9, 2023

NBC Bay Area shared video of a bobcat using the wildlife crossing at Laurel Curve, captured less than an hour after the camera was installed at the crossing.

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New Conservation Roadmap and New Look at the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County
by Land Trust Santa Cruz
on March 2, 2023

Our new Five Year Conservation Roadmap, which will guide our work into our 50th Anniversary in 2028, will debut at our Five-to-50 Launch later this month.

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Cameras Provide First Documented Use of Laurel Curve Wildlife Crossing
by Land Trust Santa Cruz
on February 15, 2023

On January 30th, Land Trust staff were joined by Caltrans traffic engineers and biologists, the Wildlife Conservation Network, and Pathways for Wildlife to examine the new wildlife undercrossing at Laurel Curve.

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Press Release: Nature Connection Campaign Reaches Goal with Strong Support from Community
by Land Trust Santa Cruz
on January 31, 2023

The Land Trust is excited and humbled to share that we’ve reached our goal of raising $21 million through our Nature Connection Campaign, a three-year effort aimed at funding wildlife connectivity, new trails, and farmland protection. This is a celebration of an incredible community coming together to support mission-driven work.

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